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The online co-parenting program that more families choose...

Designed by professional educators specifically for online class use, is the most flexible way to complete your court ordered requirements. Children and family stabilization court accepted online parenting classes satisfy education requirements and widely accepted by courts when mandated to take parenting classes. Whether you are a single parent, dealing with divorce, separation, a blended family or otherwise you will find online parenting and co-parenting a great resource in learning better parenting and communication skills.

Study on your schedule

Make the most of your time and determine when you want to study. gives you the option to start where you left off, allowing yout to login and out necessary. Each class is programmed to return to the exact spot you last left off.

Learn more / Retain it longer

By allowing you to take our online co-parenting classes on your time scheule, you are in control. Taking the online programs when you are ready and prepared will not only allow you to learn more but retain and remember it longer providing you a greater opportunity to succeed and gain valuable parenting and co-parenting skills.

Moneyback guarantee

We offer a 30-day guarantee on all classes. In the event your Certificate is not accepted, please contact us and we will research to validate with your county. If we cannot help you, we will offer a refund. Please review our Online Guarantee for more details.

Extended customer support offers multiple ways to contact us with any questions or concerns related to our online parenting programs. You must use the contact us form, call our toll free numbers or chat with us online. We offer extended customer support hours to fit your busy schedule.

Nationwide certification is now accepted in more and more states than any other online co-parenting provider. This class satisfies the national standards of a co-parenting education and family stabilization course and is widely accepted by courts. However, if you are court ordered, it is always best to check with your particular court to verify their acceptance of an online course. Each state, county, and individual judge may have varied requirements.

Successful results has designed our co-parenting programs to create an experience that is not only relevant to families today but will gibe co-parents new tools to better communicate and create a positive family environment. Parents in over 42 states and 395 counties across the nation have participated in OnlineParentingPrograms Online Educational Programs. Read what others have to say.

When will I get my Certificate?

OnlineParentingPrograms mails out your Certificate within 24 - 48 hours of completion. Need it sooner? OnlineParentingPrograms allows you to upgrade your shipping options as soon as you complete the program or you may request an unofficial certificate via email.

Keys to success

We want you to succeed! Often, parents are ordered by the court to take a parenting class as a requirement of divorce proceedings. ™ offers classes designed for your convenience... this program assists you in reducing conflict, building better communication, developing closer relationships between parents and children, reducing stress and allowing for a better adjustment throughout the different stages of divorce. This class satisfies the national standards of a co-parenting education and family stabilization course and is widely accepted by courts.

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